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You can’t rely solely on the weather for proper watering. FIS Outdoor, your trusted distributor with years of experience, offers a wide range of irrigation supplies to safeguard your projects and nurture growth. Our comprehensive selection includes top-quality sprinklers, backflow preventers, controllers, valves, and many other essential business-to-business items. Explore our full product range at our store today and ensure your irrigation needs are met with reliability and excellence.

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Most frequent questions and answers

When you order bulk products from our online store early in the day, you can more than likely receive your shipment that same day.

The common types of piping/tubing for sprinklers are polyvinyl chloride pipe (PVC) and Polyethylene (poly) tube.

Drip irrigation systems usually cost $2,150 per acre, but they can run anywhere between $1,800 to $2,500. For a small landscape, such as a home garden, it may cost as low as $50.

When it comes to Florida-friendly landscaping and irrigation, we are one of the largest, most trusted suppliers of commercial-grade landscaping and irrigation products in the state. Not only do we carry landscaping products, but we also carry a huge selection of sprinkler and irrigation systems and the components and parts that go with them. 

Some of the more common sprinkler-related supplies that we carry include:

  • Impact Sprinklers, which are great for large lawns, ball fields and the agriculture that people depend on
  • Several types of sprinkler heads, such as pop-up spray heads, rotary heads and impact heads, that serve a plethora of watering needs
  • Control valves that regulate the water flow to different zones in your landscapes — independent of one another
  • Programmable controllers and timers that allow your customers to automate their sprinkler systems and enable you to set customized watering schedules for each account you regularly manage 
  • Drip irrigation components, such as drip tubing, emitters and micro-sprinklers, are essential for the targeted watering of individual plants and garden beds
  • All the essential pipes and fittings you need for a great irrigation system, including PVC pipes, poly tubing and various fittings
  • Rain sensors that automatically shut off sprinkler systems when it rains to prevent overwatering of your lawns and landscapes

For a more detailed view of our entire lawn and sprinkler system inventory, we suggest visiting our store on Heritage Plus

We have 32 physical locations across the state. For every product that we carry in-store, we carry about ten times that online. To shop sprinklers exclusively, click here.

Impact sprinklers, also known as impulse or impact rotor sprinklers, differ from other sprinklers due to their impact-activated design, internal mechanisms and intricate methods of water distribution. They were created for larger outdoor areas with varying levels of water pressure, as compared to other sprinkler types on the market.

Impact sprinklers are activated when water droplets impact a cup or diaphragm, causing a valve to open and allowing water to flow through the sprinkler head and onto the lawn. 

The internal mechanisms of an impact sprinkler include a float valve, a diaphragm and a nozzle. The float valve actually controls the flow of water into the sprinkler head while the diaphragm is activated by the impact of water droplets. Impact sprinklers, then, operate as this hammer-like mechanism rotates the sprinkler head. The force of the water hitting the sprinkler’s arm causes it to move in a circular motion, distributing water in a radius. 

Other sprinkler types tend to use different mechanisms, such as fixed spray heads or rotating nozzles, to emit water in a predetermined pattern without the hammer-like motion.

Impact sprinklers are also known for their heavy-duty design and ability to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. They’re more resistant to clogging and damage when compared to other sprinkler types, otherwise prone to blockages and breaking.

Unlike most other sprinkler types, impact sprinklers are ideal for covering larger areas due to their rotating motion. They cover a much wider radius and are often used for large lawns, agriculture and ball fields, whereas other sprinkler types may be better suited for small to medium-sized lawns, gardens and flower beds with more specific watering patterns. 

Impact sprinklers are generally more tolerant of varying water pressures, making them excellent for areas with inconsistent water supply or low pressure. Other sprinkler types, especially those with fixed spray patterns, may require a more consistent water pressure to maintain even coverage. 

Finally, impact sprinklers often offer adjustable settings for rotation speed, spray distance and pattern, allowing users to customize the watering area according to their needs, while other sprinkler types tend to have fixed settings, providing limited flexibility when it comes to adjusting the watering parameters.

Florida offers a voluntary license for irrigation contractors, which exempts them from a required local irrigation contracting license. Irrigation contractors are not regulated by the State of Florida, but there are several counties that require a license to perform irrigation-related activities. 

Becoming a certified or licensed irrigation contractor, however, can add instant credibility to your brand. It can open the door to new jobs and opportunities. Plus, by emphasizing your commitment to efficient water management, you could qualify for the EPA WaterSense program, which actively promotes individual licensed contractors to potential customers across the state.

In Florida, the following licenses and certifications are just some of the credentials available to sprinkler and irrigation professionals:

Once you receive inclusion into the EPA WaterSense Program‘s online Directory of Certified Professionals, you’ll gain access to work opportunities for WaterSense new homes, federal facilities and LEED® certified projects.

“To become licensed,” Attorney Trent Cotney, who specializes in construction-related law, points out that “irrigation contractors must be 18 years or older and have at least four years of experience in the category for which they are seeking licensure. They must also have at least one year of experience as a foreman. Interested contractors must also pass the certified irrigation specialty contractors exam and must show good character and financial stability.”

He also points out that contractors must be skilled and competent in more than 9 different areas, including:

  • Sprinkler irrigation installation and repair
  • Drip and low emittance
  • Moisture and rain sensors
  • Valve location
  • Irrigation controllers and control wiring
  • Rain sensors
  • Conservation devices
  • Harvesting systems
  • Backflow prevention

It’s important for Floridian sprinkler and irrigation professionals to research and comply with the specific licensing requirements set by the state, individual counties and any other relevant governing bodies. Requirements may vary depending on the scope of work, project size and other factors.

Be sure to check out our resources to learn about upcoming classes and certification programs at FIS Outdoor locations near you


Sprinklers and Sprinkler Systems


Engineered with top-of-the-line technology, our sprinklers maximize convenience so you can focus on increasing your customer base. Our inventory includes a wide range of dependable pop-up systems, rotors, sprays, nozzles, and other irrigation parts from major industry names.

Our products reduce hassle, save water, are user-friendly, and are priced at irrigation value. Whether you need to assemble a new sprinkler system or repair an existing one, we have the tools to tackle any residential, commercial, or golf course landscaping endeavor.

When it comes to front yard landscaping ideas, Florida takes the cake. In subtropical climates like Florida, our landscapes thrive because we can easily grow and harvest plants from just about any other zone or region in the world. 

Thanks to tourism, our designs seem to inspire the entire world —- but it can only be done with the proper amount of care and unconditional love.

FIS Outdoor is your one-stop shop for sprinkler systems, irrigation and landscape supply.

Believe it or not, there are a lot of people who don’t realize the importance of sprinkler systems in our landscapes or irrigation systems within our land. The sun and heat can dry out the soil. And rainforest plants like bananas, birds of paradise, palms and orchids will forever and always need a lot of water.

It’s crucial that our landscapes are properly watered both consistently and on a regular schedule. The right sprinkler head will keep your landscape lush, green and ever so beautiful. 

But in Florida, landscape plants aren’t all that need water. Lawn care and sprinkler systems also go hand-in-hand. And with the changes in seasons and varying watering needs of different plant and grass types, sprinkler selection has become almost scientific. 

At FIS, we can advise you on the exact tools and upgrades you’ll need to create the ultimate sprinkler system. 


Backflow Preventers For Your System


Time is money, but safety is retention. In a world where reviews are spread with the push of a phone key, user security is a must-have priority. That’s where our backflow preventers come into action. Our collection of reduced pressure assemblies, pressure vacuum breakers, double-check assemblies, and atmospheric vacuum breakers are unrivaled in proficiency, efficiency, and price.

Sprinkler System Controllers & Sensors


From battery-powered to solar, our stores are equipped with the latest in time-conserving technology, giving you total control of your water flow. Our Bluetooth-enabled devices allow you to easily identify errors and program a system straight from your van.

Trust our selection of popular brands like Rain Bird, Hunter, and Toro to direct your irrigation traffic efficiently and accurately.

Drip Irrigation Systems


Water conservation means more money for you and your customer base. Our inventory of pressure regulators, tubing, emission devices, and drip irrigation kits is first-rate, and our product knowledge is even better. Allow us to help furnish your clients’ landscaping ambitions with top materials for bottom dollars.

Contractor Grade Garden Hoses & Parts


A reliable garden hose is the backbone of sprinkler and drip irrigation systems. Explore our catalog of rubber, plastic, and all-purpose PVC hoses, along with hose accessories such as spray heads, washers, packing nuts, and valves.

Identification & Marking


We understand that your invested time and your clients’ safety hold top billing. Our vibrant, contractor-grade stake flags are ideal for clearly marking off construction borders thereby mutually enhancing security.

Irrigation Fittings & Tools


Dressing a system with a poorly-constructed part typically entails a higher replacement frequency. A professional-grade job requires a professional-grade product. After weaving our couplings, adapters, tees, stakes, and custom pipe cutters into your routine projects, you’ll never want to go back to basic.

Irrigation Pumps & Supplies


FIS holds the competitive edge you need to capture your client’s landscaping vision. Our irrigation pumps are available in a variety of designs with different technical features. We can work with you to see your vision realized. Browse deals for the latest models in convertible jet pumps, propeller pumps, surface centrifugal pumps, and submersible utility pumps!

Sprinkler Pipe & Tubing


When it comes to irrigation piping and tubing, durability is key. Typically packaged in increments, our pipes come coated with a material able to withstand most weather conditions, including freezing temperatures. Don’t miss out on our competitive pricing for state-of-the-art drip tubing, PVC, lateral pipe coil, and more.

Commercial Grade Valves & Valve Boxes


Take advantage of our exclusive bulk deals on our vast selection of valves and valve boxes. Fitting your clients’ irrigation system with high quality, technologically-focused catalog of check valves, ball valves, electric valves, covered valve boxes, and valve box extensions has never been easier.

Water Filters For Irrigation Systems


Our water filters keep irrigation systems free of sediment and debris that degrade performance and efficiency. Whether your system is directed by sprays, rotors, or drip systems, our filters come in multiple flow rates, connection sizes, and connection types to suit your application demands.

Sprinkler Wire & Electrical


Stop searching for reliable, economical electrical and wiring products – because you’ve found them. We keep our warehouses stocked with sturdy underground sprinkler wire, wire nuts, wire trenchers, wire and valve locators, wire strippers, and standard and waterproof connectors to ensure quick, convenient delivery

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