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290 Mitchell Hammock Rd. W.
Oviedo, Florida 32765
United States (US)
Phone: 407-365-2225

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Monday7:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Tuesday7:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Wednesday7:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Thursday7:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Friday7:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Commercial Landscape Supply

FIS Outdoor has everything you need to bring Oviedo’s most incredible landscapes to life.

FIS Outdoor is Florida’s ultimate one-stop shop for commercial-grade landscaping supplies and accessories. For more than 40 years, landscape contractors and architects have depended on us to deliver the very best in irrigation, landscaping, lighting, and golf irrigation supplies. 

Whether you’re designing a tropical paradise or deciding which Florida landscaping technique looks best against your customer’s pool screen enclosure, our massive inventory includes just the right equipment and supplies to help you bring your most regal Oviedo landscape designs to life. We have everything you need, and as your go-to supplier in the Central Florida Area, you can count on us for:

  • Florida Irrigation Equipment: Drip irrigation systems, sprinkler systems and valves
  • Landscaping Supplies: Mulch, fertilizers, hardscapes, ponds and equipment
  • Commercial Property Lighting: LED lighting, pumps and fixtures
  • Golf Irrigation Products: Sprinkler heads, valves, and controllers

We also carry irrigation supply equipment. 

Because of Florida watering restrictions, landscape architects are always looking for new landscaping ideas and curating their designs to not only live up to local codes and regulations but also to be a significant part of the magic that is “The Greater Orlando Area.”

Find your nearest Central Florida FIS Outdoor landscaping supply store today!

Named one of the “best places to live” and “raise a family” in America, Oviedo, Florida, is known far and wide for its beautiful parks,  wondrous charm, excellent schools and family-friendly community atmosphere. Because of this, in Oviedo, lawn care, lighting and maintenance have become a top priority for businesses and homeowners that want to live up to the reputation they’ve gained so much recognition for — and a must for those who want their properties to stand out.

You never know where your next landscaping or irrigation job will take you. Count on FIS Outdoor to be everywhere you need us. 

Visit us at our Oviedo location, off Mitchell-Hammock Road in Seminole County! Let us help you with all your native, tropical, edible and Florida-friendly landscaping and irrigation needs. 

Check out our other locations, ready to serve you throughout the great state of Florida.

Looking for wholesale landscape supplies? FIS Outdoor is a proud member of the Heritage Landscape Supply Group. Let us better serve you by qualifying your irrigation business or landscaping company for the bulk and wholesale purchase of commercial landscape supplies, no matter where you operate. As a national distributor of outdoor landscape products, we also supply businesses outside of the State of Florida. Check out our marketplace today!

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