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Discover the industry-leading design services tool that can help your company grow exponentially!

GRIDS is a design services tool for lead generation, design requests, takeoff requests, and much more. It serves as a hub for you to track projects from bidding to winning.

Big Projects Require Big Solutions

  • Lead Generation
  • Design Requests
  • Takeoff Requests
  • Submittal Package Requests
  • Job Tracking
  • Much more!

The Benefits

GRIDS is an easy to use platform. Our team at GRIDS finds new projects for you to bid on as well as provide irrigation designs and material takeoffs for any project that you need assistance with. It is our way of helping partner with you to help your business grow.

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Save Time

  •  We complete the design or takeoff for the contractor using their products of choice along with their design preferences.
  • Submittals for Architects are completed by our GRIDS team.

Stay Organized

  • All of your projects kept in one place for easy file finding and tracking.
  • View a bid calendar with all projects dates bidding so contractors don’t miss a bid.

Increase Accuracy

  • Accurate takeoffs and quotes are provided by our experienced GRIDS team.
  • Reduce the confusion across multiple projects

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We’re dedicated to helping your landscaping and irrigation business thrive.

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